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Taipei and Exotic Central Taiwan 5 DAYS

  • Destination:From the vibrant and modern metropolis of Taipei to the panoramic countryside of Northeastern and Central Taiwan, this tour will provide a unique perspective on Taiwan’s diverse landscape. Behold the dramatic coastal backdrops, beautiful mountains and lakes, including the world-renowned Sun Moon Lake. Experience the warmth and rich cultural heritage of Taiwan through the temples, theme parks, and monastery, from the fun-filled aboriginal culture village to the solemn yet awe-inspiring Chung Tai Chan Monastery.


    Day 1

    Taipei City Tour Taipei Grand Hotel / Taipei 101 / Xing Tien Temple / Drive by Presidential Office / Ximending

  • (Applicable to Taiwan arrival time before 10:00 a.m.)

    Upon arrival at Taoyuan International Airport, start Taipei City Tour

  • Taipei Grand Hotel

    Supported by red columns and with golden roof tiling, similar to a majestic 14-storey palace, with elegant decor in the classic Chinese style.

  • Lunch at

    Din Tai Fung

    World-renowned juicy bun called xiao long bao, particularly popular among tourists, plus a wide selection of dim sum and noodles.

  • Taipei 101

    A magnificent structure patterned after a bamboo, it has become Taipei City’s signature landmark, with shops, restaurants, food court, and an observation deck which provides a spectacular 360° view of Taipei City at the 89th floor.

  • Presidential Office

    Drive by the impressive administrative building built during the Japanese occupation, where the nation’s President holds office.

  • XingtianTemple

    Located in the culturally rich surroundings of downtown Taipei City, the temple exudes a unique air of serenity and harmony displaying traditional Chinese architectural beauty.

  • Check-in Relite Hotel (or similar) at Ximending


    Popular gathering area where one can enjoy walking around, numerous shops, diverse eateries, and watching street performers. Individual choice of cuisine. Suggestions: Toilet Restaurant or popular Ah-Chong Misua (noodle), or Chinese pancake (on pax account).

  • Itinerary subject to adjustment depending on arrival time.

    Day 2

    MRT Tour Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall / Liberty Square / Taipei Train and Bus Stations Underground Mall / Tamsui / Shilin Night Market

  • Take MRT to

    Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

    located in the heart of Taipei City. Walk around Liberty Square, Watch the Changing of Honor Guards (every hour). Take MRT to Taipei Main Station Underground Mall. Lunch at Taipei Train Station 2nd Floor Food Court - individual choice (Pax Account). Take MRT to Tamsui and stroll around the old streets along the riverbank, try the tasty local dishes, such as fish dumplings, fish balls, Agei (fried meat pastry), hard eggs, etc., or enjoy a foot massage.

  • Japanese style BBQ Dinner:

    After dinner, tour Shilin Night Market and enjoy the savory street fare, such as oyster omelet, pan fried buns, or Shilin sausage. Take MRT or taxi back to hotel individually at your own time.

    Day 3

    Leofoo Village Theme Park / Chung Tai Chan Monastery – Sun Moon Lake

  • Leofoo Village Theme Park

    Features many attractions and activities with Lunch at theme Park (Coupons)

  • Chung Tai Chan Monastery

    One of the largest Buddhist temples in Taiwan known for its majestic design and hailed as an architectural masterpiece.

    Lunch: Taiwanese cuisine Check-in Harbor Resort Hotel (or similar) in Sun Moon Lake

    Day 4

    Sun Moon Lake / Cable Car / Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

  • Sun Moon Lake

    The only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Lalu Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake. Take Cable Car to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    A popular theme and amusement park that celebrates the cultures of local indigenous people. Watch cultural performances.

    Lunch at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (Coupons)Dinner: Shabu-shabu Hot Pot at Hai Pa Wang
    Check-in Relite Hotel (or similar)

    Day 5

    North East Coast Tour Yin Yang Sea / Nanya rock formations / Bitou Cape / Yehliu

  • Check-out after breakfast, bus pick up.

    Yin Yang Sea

    is a unique sight to behold in Taiwan's Northeast Coast and it gets its name from the intense contrast between the yellowish-brown water in the bay and the azure blue water toward the open sea. In addition, the Golden Waterfall, located near the Jinguashi mining area, also appears a golden-yellow in color due to the large quantities of iron in the stream water. The Northeast Coast is bounded by the sea on one side and mountains on the other; it is interspersed with bays and capes characterized by the Nanya rock formations and precipitous cliffs, expansive sea-eroded landscapes, fine golden-sand beaches, and an abundance of oceanic ecology. Bitou Cape, literally means “tip-of-the-nose”, provides spectacular views of sea-eroded landforms like sea cliffs, undercut bluffs, and platforms.

  • Lunch at a Seafood Restaurant.

  • Yehliu

    is a cape formed by Datun Mountain reaching into the sea, like a giant turtle submerging into the sea, hence the name "Yehliu Turtle". Yehliu Geopark is truly a park of natural wonders: rocks carved by wave-cutting and weathering over time were formed into shapes resembling figures. The most famous is the Queen’s Head, and other unusual formations that are named: the Fairy’s Shoe, the Mushroom Rocks, the Tofu Rocks, the Elephant Rocks, etc.

  • Check-in Taoyuan Airport - Please Book 7:00 p.m. Departure Flight